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Miyuki beads


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Miyuki beads

With Miyuki beads you can make the most beautiful bracelets and necklaces yourself. At Beadies you will find the Miyuki Delica and the Miyuki seed beads. The seed beads are available in three sizes, Miyuki seed beads 6/0 , Miyuki seed beads 8/0 and Miyuki seed beads 11/0 . The nice thing about Miyuki beads is that you can choose from endless colors. In addition, they are all the same size, which makes the beads also very suitable for embroidery. You can string the beads on cord, Miyuki Beading thread or metal wire . This is a handy threading needle when you thread with cord. A set of 6 extra fine beading needles with threader can also be very useful for your basic parts.

The Miyuki seed beads 8/0 are the most commonly used seed beads and are the average size of all seed beads that we offer in our range. You make the most beautiful jewelry with it! The seed beads have a threading hole of 1mm. The length of the beads is 2.1 mm and the width is 3.1 mm. We sell the beads per 10 grams, approximately 390 pieces. This quickly makes a nice basis for a beautiful necklace or bracelet. Go for a plain color or mix different colors for a playful effect! Be inspired by our handmade collection of necklaces and bracelets . We have plenty of examples with Miyuki seed beads that you can also make yourself. Add a nice charm and you have an original, homemade piece of jewelry! When you place an order in our webshop, it will be shipped free of charge from €50. And of course always beautifully packaged.