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Miyuki Rocailles 11/0 Duracoat galvanized aqua green

SKU: 11MIR-051

The Miyuki seed beads 11/0 are the smallest Miyuki seed beads we have.

  • Colour: Duracoat galvanized aqua green

  • Material: Glass.

  • Size: Hole: 0.8mm, length: 1.3mm, width: 2.1mm. The price is per 5 grams (about 550 pieces).

The advantage of Miyuki is the very good quality. All beads are exactly the same size. Especially with special beading patterns, the result is much better with good even beads than with beads whose size varies. Furthermore, Miyuki has many different colors, so many color combinations are possible.

Combine different colors in one piece of jewelry or go for simplicity. For fun Miyuki jewelry inspiration (which you can also easily make yourself), take a look at our Instagram.

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