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Setje van 6 fijne miyuki beading rijgnaalden needles.
Jumpring bevestigingsring goud 5mm voor bedelketting of charmbracelet Beadies
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Gouden ovale schakelketting waarmee je makkelijk en snel je eigen bedelketting of armband maakt.
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For the DIYers among us: on this page you will find everything you need to make your own piece of jewelry. From pliers to link chain, on this page you will find all jewelry components that form the basis of every new jewelry design! An extensive range with which you can create the nicest jewelry collection yourself. We also have all jewelry parts for the advanced DIYer, such as closures, link chain, ball chain, crimp beads, metal wire, eye pins, end pins, jewelry glue and tools.

By the way, did you know that our gold-plated and silver-plated basic chains and link chains are of top quality? You can wear them endlessly and they are also very affordable. We know better than anyone from which suppliers we can find the most beautiful and best materials, so that you are always assured of the best quality. One of the best prices!