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semi precious stone beads

Endless beads of semi-precious stones. Think of agate, amazonite, turquoise, hematite, bamboo coral, rhodonite, aventurine, pink opal, rose quartz, shell, jasper, lapis, aquamarine, cowrie shells. A semi-precious stone makes your jewelry that little bit more special, the finishing touch. They are a bit more expensive than glass, but often you only need a few to get the right effect. Beautiful to string but also very nice to use with an end pin as a pendant. Do you have no inspiration or time to get started yourself? Then take a look at our collection of semi-precious stone pendants, plenty of choice so have fun!


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rechthoekige facet geslepen lichtroze kralen om sieraden mee te maken
rechthoekige facet geslepen lichtblauwe kralen om sieraden mee te maken
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