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Material information

Nickel free

All Beadies jewelry and parts are made from anti-allergic materials. When we process metal in our jewelry, we use nickel-free metals. Some materials are silver-plated or gold-plated.

Silver plated and gold plated

Some of the materials we use in our jewelry are silver plated or gold plated. This means that the nickel-free metal has an extra layer of silver or gold. Silver-plated and gold-plated jewelry last longer due to the strong coating. By using the layer of silver and gold, these jewelery will discolour less quickly and you will enjoy them for longer. To preserve your jewelery for a long time, read our tips at 'Preserving your jewellery'. If a piece of jewelery or loose charm is gold plated or silver plated, this is indicated in the description of the item.

Enjoy your Beadies for longer!

Avoid contact with

  • Perfume, cream and body lotion. Do not use perfume or body lotion on the places where you wear the jewelry (wrist or neck).
  • Water and moisture. Think of washing dishes, showering, swimming, exercising, etc. For example, do not leave your Beadies in the bathroom, condensation can cause discoloration in the long term.
  • Discoloration can also occur due to the acidity of your skin. This happens faster in some people than in others.