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korte minimalistische gouden schakel ketting met facet geslepen groene agaat steen in het midden. In lengte verstelbaar.
korte minimalistische gouden schakel ketting met facet geslepen blauwe jade steen in het midden
halflange gouden stainless steel schakelketting. Een ideale basic ketting voor je collectie sieraden
verschillende kralen kettingen onder elkaar in zomerse kleuren zoals roze, lila, turkoois, rood, oranje van de mooiste half edelstenen en schelp gemaakt
een hals met verschillende kettingen waaronder een halflange gouden schakelketting, een parelketting met edelsteentjes en een kleurrijke ketting op kord.
halflange gouden ketting met in het midden oranje bamboekoraal kralen
korte ketting met fijne witte zoetwaterparels en een gouden kapittelslot
korte parelketting van witte zoetwaterparels afgewisseld met verschillende kleuren edelsteentjes en een gouden slotje
kettinkjes geregen met pastelkleurige miyuki delica kralen in lila, geel, lichtblauw en goud
fijne gouden schakelketting met een rond klein medaillon op een marmeren blad
verschillende kleurrijke kettingen waaronder turkoois, roze, witte parel en gouden schakels op een lila sweater
halflange gouden schakelketting met een witte zoetwaterparel en een lila facet geslepen steen
kleurrijke kralenketting met regenboog kleuren met een softtone uitstraling
kralenketting met onregelmatige turkooise kralen. In het midden oranje bamboekoraal
197 results


At Beadies you will always find an extensive collection of handmade necklaces, according to the latest trends. Beaded necklaces , link necklaces , semi - precious stone necklaces , constellation necklaces , pearl necklaces , gold - colored necklaces or silver - colored necklaces . We have it all here and often with nice matching bracelets and earrings . Mix & match!

Because all jewelry at Beadies is handmade, you are always assured of a unique piece of jewelry. To ensure that you enjoy it for a long time, we only work with the best materials to make your own jewelry. Sign up for the Beadies newsletter and come and have a look regularly, because our collection is updated weekly!

These are currently the bestsellers. Of course we also have many parts to make your own chain. Consider, for example, chain on a roll for jewellery, per cm or meter.

Smiley necklace, smiley beads and charms, smiley pearls or a pearl necklace with a smiley, Beadies has a wide collection of smiley jewelry and parts. A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear!

Constellation necklace gold or silver, beaded necklace, necklace with small beads, chunky, or coarse necklaces are great. We have them in different types. For example with a flat wide link, or a coarse oval link. totally fun, combine them with our semi-precious stone pendants or gold-plated charms. Mix them nicely together, the more the better.

Pearl necklace Necklaces with pearls are immensely popular. We have them in different combinations. For example, fine with small freshwater pearls or combined with colorful miyuki seed beads. A beautiful pearl pendant in combination with a coarse link chain is tough and stylish at the same time. In short, a pearl necklace is always good.

Layered necklaces are layered necklaces, we have been a fan of them at Beadies for years, are you? Layering still immensely popular. You can therefore continue to wear your most beautiful necklaces together. Beautiful fine gold or silver chains of links or strung with small beads. Very nice if you have trouble making choices! Layering with fine necklaces gives a beautiful feminine or tough look, depending on your choices.

Vintage necklaces, quite a trend at the moment: Vintage jewelry and jewelry with rhinestones. Mind you, this trend is going to get bigger and bigger this year. At Beadies we have some beautiful vintage look jewelry that consists of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and last but not least rings, in both gold and silver. Think for example of necklaces with coins, with old portraits or prints, charms or pendants of animals, the panther, dragonfly, snakes, flowers, evil eye and much more. Often with a beautifully finished edge. Super fun to combine with each other. That is precisely what gives a cool effect and the wonderful vintage look!

Minimalist Necklaces. Beadies has an extensive collection of minimalist jewelry and necklaces. At the moment they are increasingly worn and combined with other necklaces. Layers are all the rage. Are you going for silver or gold? Make your necklace unique by choosing and adding your own charm. Beadies sell all the basic supplies to get started yourself, so that you can put together a personal and original necklace.

Letter necklace Initiale. We are fans of personal, customized jewellery. There is nothing more fun than a piece of jewelry made especially for you, to wear yourself or to give someone a gift. An example of this is our link chain with initials. A cool necklace with the letter or letters you want. At Beadies you will find an extensive range of letter beads, but also beautiful silver-plated and gold-plated letter charms. Would you prefer a necklace with a coin, in which we put your personally selected initials? You order them easily and have them delivered quickly!

Necklace with coin. Also such a good old friend of Beadies. The necklace with coin. Whether you wear a necklace with 1 large coin or all kinds of small coins: it always remains a cool and timeless piece of jewelry. A nice necklace with one or more coins should not be missing in your jewelry collection. It can be combined very cool, with several coins on one chain. Very playful, if you choose a necklace with miyuki beads. Or a bit more chic, with a single coin on a silver or gold plated chain. Take a quick look!