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De allergrootste sieradentrend van nu: De Bedelketting

The biggest jewelry trend of today: The Charm Necklace

Yes, back with a vengeance: the charm necklace. And we should know because about 20 years ago we made the most diverse charm necklaces and bracelets on an assembly line at Beadies.
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verschillende kleurrijke onderdelen zoals kralen en bedels om zelf oorbellen van te maken

DIY Make your own earrings

Anyone can do it! Super easy and fun. This way you can quickly have your own Earparty.
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Oorbellen Per Stuk: Waarom zijn ze zo populair?

Earrings Per Piece: Why are they so popular?

One piece earrings, a trend not to be missed!
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Miyuki Delica 11/0 kralen

Miyuki Delica 11/0 beads

Making bracelets with Miyuki delica beads! Discover the versatility of these beautiful beads.
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DIY Earparty

DIY Ear Party

Let's make earrings ! In our store and online you will find everything you need to create an ear party yourself.
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3 Tips voor het verzorgen van sieraden

3 Tips for caring for jewelry

If you take good care of your jewellery, they will stay beautiful much longer. That's why these three tips to care for your jewelry. That way you can enjoy it for a long time

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So charm-ing

So charm-ing

Charms , we love it! On a necklace or on an earring, a charm is always a good idea! Create your own look.
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