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kleurrijke gouden one piece oorbellen met witte parels en roze turkooise kralen
gouden oorbellen met een rode mond, een gummybear in het blauw en rood op een roze bord
gouden onepiece oorbellen met een smiley en evil eye, een klein kristallen beertje en een blauwe bliksem
Sold Out
Sold Out
earparty set van 3 oorbellen. paarse amethist, een gouden muntje en een zoetwaterparel.
earparty set van 3 oorbellen. gele citrien, een gouden maantje en een turkooise agaat.
gouden oorringen met een kleine krab
Single oorbel witte zoetwaterparel aan een gouden ringetje.
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Ear party

You can shop the nicest earrings for your Earparty at Beadies! But how do you make a nice earparty? What do you need? First of all, you need several holes. Then switch
earrings of different sizes. Hang the largest earring in the first hole and the smallest earring in the last hole. For example, consider one
stud earrings or a chain earring. You alternate different styles, parts and colors with each other. So there is a good chance that there is something for you too. You will find the most beautiful and coolest earrings here. Also nice as a gift for your girlfriend, wife or for yourself online!

One piece earrings

At Beadies we have a wide choice of One Piece earrings. At the moment, earrings are not only worn as a pair, but also in a mix of different types
each other. That is why we sell many of our earrings individually. This is how you create your own Earparty mix. And would you rather have a few? then you just order 2.

Earrings Set

Sometimes it is difficult to choose and that is why we have made a few sets of 3 gold plated earrings. This way you immediately have a good combination of 2 earrings and an ear stud. Your ear party is complete. We use a lot of semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls and gold-plated materials with 14k e-coating. A very strong plating that we have been working with for years.

Earrings trends 2023

You can shop on trend earrings of 2023 at Beadies! Different styles, parts and colors alternate. So there is a good chance that there is something for you too. And completely hot: mix and combine the earrings with each other. The more the better :) The most beautiful and coolest earrings can be found here. Shop your original earrings online now! Fast delivery!

Pearl earrings

Not to be missed in your Earparty: Pearl earrings. Always good and timeless. We have them in different types. Fine pearl earrings, but also earrings with a beautiful
large freshwater pearl. per pair or per piece. With a pearl earring you also make a beautiful Earparty.

Chain earrings

The Chain earring, not to be missed in your earring collection. The chain earring is an ear stud with a piece of chain or link in a bow under your ear
hangs. This gives you a tough and subtle look. Our chain earrings are easy to put in and take out. Use them in your collection and you will see that a perfect look is created.

Large creoles

A large earring in silver or gold immediately completes a simple outfit. Think of a twisted earring, or a twisted earring. Or a sleek simple creole of 15mm or 20mm.

Statement Earrings

Large earrings are still a clear earring trend. Large rings, large creoles or long chunky links. Or think of this Snake Earcuff.

Semi precious stone earrings

Earrings with semi-precious stones, we can't get enough of them. At Beadies we choose the most beautiful and finest semi-precious stones to make something special for you. Think of earrings with agate, jade, amazonite, malachite, amethyst, bamboo coral, freshwater pearl. Per pair or per piece, in the gold and in the

vintage earrings

Vintage jewelry, they continue to be part of every jewelry collection. At Beadies we have some beautiful vintage look jewelry that consists of bracelets, necklaces,
earrings, not to mention rings, in both gold and silver. Think for example of earrings with coins, with old portraits or prints, charms or pendants of animals, the panther, dragonfly, snakes, flowers, evil eye and much more. Often with a beautifully finished edge. Super fun to combine with each other. That is precisely what gives a cool effect and the wonderful vintage look!

Stud earrings & studs

Stud earrings are ideal if you have multiple pierced ears. The studs are an ideal basis for your earparty collection. You can easily change them in a 2nd or 3rd hole. Our collection consists of a large number of gold and silver studs. We love!