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turorial how to make a charm bracelet

Tutorial Charm Bracelet

What materials do you need:

  • 2 flat nose pliers: We always work with 2 flat nose pliers because this is the best way to open and close the rings correctly. We understand that you may not have this at home or that you only have 1. Then make sure that the ends of the rings fit together properly. That's where things often go wrong.
  • mounting rings (open rings): use 1 ring per charm
  • charms: an odd number is often the most beautiful thing about a charm necklace. For example, think of 5, 7 or 9 charms. With a bracelet, the number matters less because the bracelet moves around your wrist.
  • basic link bracelet: we have this in gold or silver.

In the video below you can see how to open the rings correctly. With this technique the shape of the ring remains nice and round.

If a charm has a front and a back, make sure you attach the charm with the right side facing forward.

It is best to keep a distance of 1 or 3 links between the charms. This way, the charms all hang the same on the link.

Would you like to design your own charm necklace or charm bracelet but not make it yourself? That is also possible! Choose your favorite charms and we will ensure that your design is made by us. Easy peasy.

turorial how to make a charm bracelet

Tutorial Charm Bracelet

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